“Tattooing under a stunning Sycamore Fig tree on the banks of the Olifants River,” Gareth Putter reflects back on the time he tattooed german volunteer Anna. “It was such a rad time, tattooing in the Greater Kruger National Park. At least 60-70% of our clientele are foreign volunteers that are...

January 09, 2019

The Tattoo Hub is a stunning little tattoo studio in Alberton with the most welcoming atmosphere. It was opened two and a half years ago by tattoo artist Sean Lewis and since then he has collected two extremely talented artists, a Body modification artist and a horde of 3 appys....

August 02, 2018

Dakota Lee is not just an ordinary tattoo parlor, they are a lifestyle. Not only do they tattoo the masses of Johannesburg, they can also be found at the bar making friends at any of the many events they hold.

May 21, 2018