Healing Your Tattoo

on April 04, 2018

After getting your new tattoo you are super excited to show it off to all your friends. Am I right? But you also know that it is going to be a part of you for the rest of your life. That’s why it is super important to make sure that you heal it properly. Yes, YOU need to take responsibility for making sure it does not get infected, that it scabs as little as possible, and that it heals quickly. With that in mind, we thought we would help you by putting a quick guide on how to heal your tattoo effectively and be left with a beautiful tattoo that you can be proud of for the rest of your days.

Your newly acquired tattoo is essentially a large open wound. The area of skin will be extremely sensitive over the next few weeks and will be a prime area for bugs and nasty things to get into, causing havoc. Your skin will need all the help it can get to heal.

Firstly, make sure that your hands are always sterile when touching your new tattoo. Infection is the worst thing that can happen to your new tattoo. Avoid touching it unnecessarily. Picking, stroking, poking are serious no-no’s! Before touching your tattoo, wash your hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap.

There are many methods of looking after your new tattoo but here is the most commonly used method.

After leaving the tattoo studio, leave your covering on for a minimum of one hour and no longer than five hours. Take the covering off very carefully as the tattooed area is going to be very tender. Before cleaning your Tattoo with soap, make sure you get all the excess Vaseline off with a Carlton towel or tissue paper. Don’t use antibacterial soap on your tattoo as it will read the ink as a foreign body and attempt to remove it, avoid any soaps with colourants, perfumes or anything you think may harm your tattoo.

Use warm water and the foam from the soap to wash your tattoo. That’s going to take off all the excess ink and all the tissue fluid that’s on the area. Gently massage it until all the stickiness goes away, and it becomes a rubbery skin texture. Then pat it dry with a Carlton towel, DO NOT rub the freshly tattooed area. Allow it to air dry for about forty-five minutes to an hour. This settles the tattoo properly into the skin and removes unnecessary moisture. When all the moisture is gone you are going to apply a thin layer of Tattoo Addict Aftercare.

Repeat this process twice a day for the first 7 days. From the 8th day onwards keep applying Tattoo Addict Aftercare for as long as you feel necessary.

Do not over-soak your tattoo in the bath and do not let the shower spray directly onto it. No swimming for at least 3 weeks and avoid direct exposure to sunlight as UV rays will fade the colours. Please do not scratch your tattoo while it is healing as it will get damaged.

Infected tattoos are caused by a number of reasons. The tattoo artist may have used unhygienic conditions, or they have overworked the skin. You may have bumped it against your clothes or if you have touched it with your hands or if someone else has touched it. When you have a new tattoo, for the first 3 weeks everything needs to be super hygienic, even your bedding should be changed. If you see the following symptoms, your tattoo may be getting infected. A pinkish discolouration around the outlines, extreme redness or irritation, fever, pain, swelling, an unusual odour, discharge or pus, or red streaks or sores are all signs of an infection. Or something more serious like blood poisoning or a staph infection. Therefore, please contact your tattoo artist who will advise if you need to seek medical attention.

Tattoo Addict after care has been specially formulated for healing, and contains no fragrances, colourants or antiseptics to ensure minimum irritation to even the most sensitive skin. Applied regularly, your tattoo will heal quickly, reducing the incident of dehydration and scab formation on the skin. Once your tattoo is healed, make sure you keep your tattoo hydrated and moisturised. Dry skin allows the dead skin cells to get thicker, making your tattoos look faded. It is important to avoid lotions with fragrances in them, as they can cause irritations, especially if you have sensitive skin. Tattoo Addict aftercare is the perfect product to continue to use daily on your tattoos. With beeswax for moisturising, Shea butter for cell regeneration and essential oils which act as anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory agents.

​It is a common misconception that petroleum jelly can be used as an aftercare. However, it seals the skin and doesn’t allow your wound to breathe and get the oxygen it needs to heal. Not only that but, if you are applying a thick layer of petroleum jelly to your tattoo, it creates a humid pocket of air trapped between it and your skin. These are perfect conditions for breeding germs and bacteria. Petroleum Jelly has also been known to draw ink out of your skin.

There are other products out there that are commonly used for healing tattoos. None of them are specially formulated for healing tattoos. This means that you may not get the best possible heal from them. Products that are formulated specifically for healing tattoos will always give you the best results, 100% of the time.

Consider your tattoo as an investment. After all, you did spend quite a bit on getting it. Spend the extra little bit on your aftercare. Don’t be aftercare-less!

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Attention Tattoo Artists! Please be sure to give your clients proper aftercare instructions and don’t forget to recommend Tattoo Addict Aftercare. After all, you want your work to heal beautifully!

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