Let's Get Those Earlobes Stretched

on October 19, 2017

Many forums warn against stretching your ears yourself, and that there should be no pain at all when stretching (otherwise you aren’t doing it correctly). This is completely untrue. Walking into a tattoo and piercing studio expecting not to experience pain is a rookie move. A studio is a house of pain.

There are a few basic guidelines when stretching your ears. Let’s have a look…

  • Never stretch more than 2 mm at a time.
  • Give your ear enough time to heal - only stretch again after minimum one month.  
  • Every person heals differently, so listen to your body and do not push your limits.
  • Use only quality jewellery.
  • Keep them clean and lubed.


The basic rule of thumb is to stretch about 2 mm at a time, and never ever larger than that. Remember, this is an ear hole not an elastic band.

Human skin stretches out naturally with age, but forcefully stretching your skin could place unnecessary strain on it. It is essential to keep this in mind and try to keep your stretches small, so the skin can adapt to it on its own time. Ideally one should keep to 1 mm per stretch, but 2 mm is fine if you just NEED those 25 mm lobes.


Just remember that your ears have never been stretched before and you will need to take care of them. The first step to proper care, is to stretch slowly. Stretching slowly, and at the right sizes, will help you advance even further in your stretching journey.

It is recommended to wait at least 6 weeks in between stretches as this will give your earlobes enough time to heal and become a little looser. However, it is recommended to wait 2-6 months between each stretch. This will give your lobes optimal time to heal and reduce the risk of tearing. They should get thicker within this time and get circulation back into the loose skin.


It doesn’t matter whether your mate stretches his ears up to 10 mm within four months, each person heals differently. People’s bodies respond differently to trauma and some might even experience a lot of pain and problems with healing.

This is why it is essential to listen to your body. Pushing your body too far will result in infections, or tears in the skin.


Using quality jewellery could mean the difference between a healthy, healed earlobe and infection…

The most suitable jewellery for ear stretching is implant-grade titanium. It is very important never to use any organic material (wood, silicon, crystals) when stretching and healing to avoid infections. Any organic materials are porous and could hold bacteria inside them. Titanium could be sterilised and will not hold bacteria like this.

Plastic (acrylic) and glass is also generally widely used, but is not the best option as they break easily and could cause unnecessary trauma to the lobe (cracking and breaking could cut the skin). High-quality jewellery could normally be purchased at your closest tattoo and piercing studio.


Keeping your lobes clean isn’t just compulsory for the healing periods, but pretty much always. If you choose to stretch your ears, it is a commitment to forever after clean your earlobes every single day.

Cleaning your lobes while healing is elementary, but once they are healed, stretched lobes accumulate dead skin cells which should be cleaned very regularly to ensure that they stay healthy and your lobes stay as thick as possible.

Tattoo Addict Aftercare works wonders as a lubricant when stretching with all-natural ingredients. Take a look at the Tattoo Addict store to get some high-grade jewellery and stretching tools. Safe stretching!