Tattoo Addict After Care

    Tattoo Addict After Care

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      Tattoo Addict After Care is specially formulated with Pro-vitamin 5 to aid in the healing process of your tattoo, permanent make-up or microbladed brows. It is manufactured with no fragrances, colourants or antiseptics to minimise irritation to even the most delicate skin.

      The formulation creates a smooth, breathable layer to help the most sensitive skin with healing. Continued regular use of Tattoo Addict After Care during and after healing reduces dehydration and scab formation, ensuring that your tattoo, permanent make-up or new brows heal quickly and continue to look their best. The protective barrier provided by Tattoo Addict After Care will ensure that the colours in your tattoo, permanent make-up or brows are protected and preserved.

      Tattoo Addict After Care is not tested on animals. Extreme heat or cold will affect the consistency of this product. Discontinue use immediately should a reaction or allergy occur.